Enviralum prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality glazing products in the industry and providing unparalleled customer support.  Below are some of our most commonly asked questions.  If you have a question that isn't captured in this FAQ section please call us at 305.406.3877 or email us at

1Q:  Does Enviralum manufacturer all of its own door and window products?

1A: Yes, all Enviralum entrance door and window wall products are produced in-house.

2Q: Does Enviralum install its own products?

2Q: No, Enivralum only sells directly to glazing contractors.

3Q: Does Enviralum offer project-specific, custom glazing systems?

3A: Yes, Enviralum will work directly with the glazing contractor and/or architect to design and engineer custom entrance doors and window wall systems.

4Q: All all Enviralum products designed to meet large-missile impact requirements?

4A: The majority of Enviralum products are designed to meet large-missile impact requirements and have FBC approvals. We can also offer non-impact versions of our products when specified.

5Q: What are the advantages of a pre-glazed system?

5A: Many...such as you limit the potential for water lead as the glazing is fabricated in a clean and controlled shop environment. Additionally, you save trips to the project location, you not only save on field labor, but there are also savings in packaging materials.